Greetings to all who see this…

Who am I?

I am aged over 40 but I was once younger and briefly tried to grow a beard, and I think of myself as a writer.

I live in the Forest of Dean, betwixt Severn and Wye, England and Wales. It’s an incredibly beautiful (outside the small, grey towns) and very unusual place with its own distinct culture which is sure to feature in my blog postings.

I qualified once as a journalist and wrote for local newspapers, magazines and even national newspapers (Guardian and Independent). Google my name and this is what comes up on the top. Though if you are in Beirut, Qatar or elsewhere in the Gulf or Levant and read certain glossy magazines, you might also see my name in them writing about the latest handbags, perfume, or architecture. They still want me even if the British media doesn’t! (Having said that, UK editors, PR companies etc, I’m still available…)

These days I work in a bookshop, campaign and agitate for causes such as keeping our Forest public, against prejudice and divide and rule within our communities, and aspire towards non-authoritarian socialism, a world without capitalism, patriarchy and other social hierarchy. That does not mean I am a utopian. I just believe in working toward these goals. I consider myself a humanitarian.

I can also sometimes be accused of hypocrisy and being contradictory, and sometimes resort to name-calling when confronted with a fascist (aka a far-rightwinger).

My interests include music, history, people, social sciences, the planet and books.

I have called this blog Subject. Object. because it invites a bit of wordplay.

I try to view things objectively, but I cannot help be subjective as well – I believe this is pretty much universal. The lens I see things through is my own, unique lens, but I hope to share it with others.

To object to something means to oppose it, potentially actively; to subject is to push something (often negative, but not necessarily) on to someone, or yourself.

There is also the notion of being viewed as a subject and the usually more negative connotations of being viewed as an object…

Then again, your aspiration can be your object, and the nature of what your object is can be regarded as your subject…

I did also have this tune in mind when I came up with the name. So thanks to Keith Leblanc for the inspiration! Only now when I link to it do I realise his was Object. Subject.




2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Owen, do you know the latest on Merthyr Mawr? Is this the license for PEDL216&217? Also is Mr Williams house the one on the corner of Beach road, overlooking Newton beach in Porthcawl?


    • owenadams1848 said:

      Both these licences were due to end at the end of June this year, but the Government granted them both a two-year extension and yes Pedl 216 covers Merthyr Mawr plus Ogmore, and Pedl 217 covers Ewenny, Penllyn, and near Cowbridge and Bridgend. This is Gerwyn’s company Coastal. So far he has not drilled any wells. I can’t recall if he has planning permission for any… it will be in the blog about Gerwyn Williams somewhere… and that does sound like his house, if it’s been half-built for years?


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