You are all going to have to face it – we are going to have a no-deal Brexit. Why would a massive trading bloc make any kind of favourable or humane deal with a smaller player? This is capitalism, the big fish gobble up the smaller ones. I am incredibly frustrated by two things: the failure of Remainers to imagine how they could operate in a post-Brexit world and just accepting all the horrifying scenarios thrown at them as inevitable, and not contemplating that the UK Government is “supposed” to be able to determine whether there is a “hard border” or not. I have seen zero visions of a post-Brexit future from any so-called “progressives”. What I’m also seeing and have done since the start is the constant framing of all those not draping an EU flag around them as far-right nationalists. This ENABLES the post-Brexit discussion to be entirely dominated by idiots, some of them misguided, some of them hardcore enemies of my class and humanity. Myself I aspire for a world where money and hierarchy doesn’t exist. This is what I am fighting for on a daily basis, while also firefighting things as they are. I look forward to the destruction of both Brussels and Westminster, and it’s wonderful to see politicians tear themselves apart. It is NOT so wonderful, however, that no one seems to be seeing outside of the tunnel vision propagated by the establishment. There are two options: these politicians got us into this mess, it is incumbent on them now to get us OUT of this mess, or we scrap them, reject their authority and organise ourselves without letting fascists or any other leaders take control.

I don’t give a toss about nationality or nationhood  – I am proud of living where I live, which is a forest with a legacy of rebellion against the English state, and also proud of being working class. Class can be divided quite simply between a class of owners and those who have to rely on these owners to survive. I own nothing, therefore have nothing to lose. However, I have good friends who do own property and businesses. I have other good friends who have lived here as EU citizens for a long time and they are being forced to apply to be allowed to continue living here. They fear Brexit will have negative repercussions for them. I can understand and empathise why they deeply lament the instability that the EU referendum has caused to them, families and their livelihoods. They are my mates, so I care about them.

So bearing that in mind my immediate response to this debacle in public life, a massive red herring – a humungous EXCUSE – for the real crisis of neoliberal capitalism and the TINA (There Is No Alternative) doctrine that lays at the root of the EU and global capitalist doctrine, is it is going to happen, and just as when the bastard Tories got re-elected last time, I didn’t demand a re-election to try and ensure they didn’t get back in, EVERYONE has to ACCEPT the result but most importantly, fight for a better post-Brexit world, and NOT ACCEPT any bullshit from government using Brexit as an excuse for inhumane treatment of people and also not providing a safety net for all those that may go under due to a crash.

This move towards Brexit (a word invented by journalists in the wake of threatened ‘Grexit’ in 2012, and evolved from Brixit) was not necessary. Allowing it was a political move – in the arrogant mis-belief that the majority would vote with the pro-EU establishment. Most people weren’t that bothered either way, myself included.

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